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How to setup user profiles

People resources

What can I do with User Resources?

User profile pages and the ability to bookmark/favorite and search for users is also available as of now. See a demo of what they feels like from an end user viewpoint from around the 36 minute mark of this September 2019 talk - so you could actually argue that this video snippet can work as an end user guide.

How do I enable User pages?

The configuration to have Users available consists of:

  1. Enable the users profile page index and display feature by performing this frontend configuration

  2. There are two different alternative ways to populate user profile data. You can either:

    • Configure the Metadata service to a do a live lookup in some directory service, like LDAP or a HR system.

    • Setup ongoing ingest of user profile data as they onboard/change/offboard into Neo4j and Elasticsearch effectively caching it with the pros/cons of that (similar to what the Databuilder sample loader does from user CSV, see the “pre-cooked demo data” link in the Architecture overview


    Currently, for both of these options Amundsen only provides these hooks/interfaces to add your own implementation. If you build something you think is generally useful, contributions are welcome!

  3. Configure login, according to the Authentication guide