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Amundsen Roadmap

The following roadmap gives an overview of what we are currently working on and what we want to tackle next. This helps potential contributors understand the current status of your project and where it’s going next, as well as giving a chance to be part of the planning.

Amundsen Mission

To organize all information about data and make it universally actionable

Vision for 2021

Centralize a comprehensive and actionable map of all our data resources that can be leveraged to solve a growing number of use cases and workflows

Short Term - Our Current focus

Native lineage integration

What: We want to create a native lineage integration in Amundsen, to better surface how data assets interact with each other.

Status: designs complete

Integrate with Data Quality system

What: Integrate with different data quality systems to provide quality score.

Status: in progress

Improve search ranking

What: Overhaul search ranking to improve results.

Status: planning

Show distinct column values

What: When a column has a limited set of possible values, we want to make then easily discoverable.

Status: implementation started

Neptune Databuilder support

What: Supports Databuilder ingestion for Neptune (FsNeo4jCSVLoader, FsNeputuneCSVLoader and various Neptune components). Detail could be found in RFC-13.

Status: implementation started

RDS Proxy Support

What: Support RDS as another type of proxy for both metadata and databuilder. Detail could be found in RFC-10

Status: Planning

Mid Term - Our Next steps

Curated navigation experience

What: Currently Amundsen’s experience is very focussed on search. However, especially for new users, an experience where they are able to navigate through the data hierarchy is very important. This item proposes to revamp the navigational experience in Amundsen (currently, barebones - based on tags) to do justice to the user need to browse through data sets when they don’t know what to even search for.

Status: planning

Notifications when a table evolves

What: Notify users in Amundsen (akin to Facebook notifications or similar) when a table evolves. Owners of data and consumers of data will likely need to be notified of different things.

Status: planning has not started

Commonly joined tables / browsing the data model

What: As a data user, I would like to see commonly joined tables and how to join them. One option would be to show commonly joined tables and showing example join queries. Another option would be to provide a navigational experience for data model, showing foreign keys and which tables they come from.

Status: planning has not started

Push ingest API

What: Possible through Kafka extractor, though Kafka topic schema is not well defined. And it requires client side SDK to support message pushing.

Status: 50%

Granular Access Control

What: we want to have a more granular control of the access. For example, only certain types of people would be able to see certain types of metadata/functionality

Status: not planned

Versioning system

What: We want to create a versioning system for our indexed resources, to be able to index different versions of the same resource. This is especially required for machine learning purposes.

Status: not planned

Index Processes

What: we want to index ETLs and pipelines from our Machine Learning Engine

Status: not planned

Index Teams

What: We want to add teams pages to enable users to see what are the important tables and dashboard a team uses

Status: not planned

Index Services

What: With our microservices architecture, we want to index services and show how these services interact with data artifacts

Status: not planned

Index S3 buckets

What: add these new resource types to our data map and create resource pages for them

Status: not planned

Index Pub/Sub systems

What: We want to make our pub/sub systems discoverable

Status: not planned

How to Get Involved

Let us know in the Slack channel if you are interested in taking a stab at leading the development of one of these features.

You can also jump right in by tackling one of our issues labeled as ‘help wanted’ or, if you are new to Amundsen, try one of our ‘good first issue’ tickets.