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Deployment of non-production Amundsen on AWS ECS using aws-cli

The following is a set of instructions to run Amundsen on AWS Elastic Container Service. The current configuration is very basic but it is working. It is a migration of the docker-amundsen.yml to run on AWS ECS.

Install ECS CLI

The first step is to install ECS CLI, please follow the instructions from AWS documentation

Get your access and secret keys from IAM

# in ~/<your-path-to-cloned-repo>/amundsenfrontendlibrary/docs/instalation-aws-ecs
$ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=xxxxxxxx
$ export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=xxxxxx
$ export AWS_PROFILE=profilename

For the purpose of this instruction we used the tutorial on AWS documentation

Enter the cloned directory:

cd amundsen/docs/installation-aws-ecs

STEP 1: Create a cluster configuration:

# in ~/<your-path-to-cloned-repo>/amundsenfrontendlibrary/docs/instalation-aws-ecs
$ ecs-cli configure --cluster amundsen --region us-west-2 --default-launch-type EC2 --config-name amundsen

STEP 2: Create a profile using your access key and secret key:

# in ~/<your-path-to-cloned-repo>/amundsen/docs/installation-aws-ecs
$ ecs-cli configure profile --access-key $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID --secret-key $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY --profile-name amundsen

STEP 3: Create the Cluster Use profile name from \~/.aws/credentials

# in ~/<your-path-to-cloned-repo>/amundsen/docs/installation-aws-ecs
$ ecs-cli up --keypair JoaoCorreia --extra-user-data --capability-iam --size 1 --instance-type t2.large --cluster-config amundsen --verbose --force --aws-profile $AWS_PROFILE

STEP 4: Deploy the Compose File to a Cluster

# in ~/<your-path-to-cloned-repo>/amundsen/docs/installation-aws-ecs
$ ecs-cli compose --cluster-config amundsen --file docker-ecs-amundsen.yml up --create-log-groups

You can use the ECS CLI to see what tasks are running.

$ ecs-cli ps

STEP 5 Open the EC2 Instance

Edit the Security Group to allow traffic to your IP, you should be able to see the frontend, elasticsearch and neo4j by visiting the URLs:


  • Configuration sent to services not working properly (amunsen.db vs graph.db)
  • Create a persistent volume for graph/metadata storage. See this
  • Refactor the VPC and default security group permissions