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Contributing Guide

First-time Contributors

If this is your first contribution to open source, you can follow this tutorial or check this video series to learn about the contribution workflow with GitHub.

We always have tickets labeled ‘good first issue’ and ‘help wanted’. These are a great starting point if you want to contribute. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the Amundsen Slack channel about the issue if you are not sure about the strategy to follow.

Reporting an Issue

The easiest way you can contribute to Amundsen is by creating issues. First, search the issues section of the Amundsen repository in case a similar bug or feature request already exists. If you don’t find it, submit your bug, question, proposal or feature request. They will remain closed until sufficient interest, e.g. 👍 reactions, has been shown by the community.

Creating Pull Requests

Before sending a pull request with significant changes, please use the issue tracker to discuss the potential improvements you want to make. This can help us send you to a solution, a workaround, or an RFC (request for comments item in our RFC repo).

Requesting a Feature

We have created a community roadmap where you can vote on plans for next releases. However, we are open to hearing your ideas for new features!

For that, you can create an issue and select the “Feature Proposal” template. Fill in as much information as possible, and if you can, add responses to the following questions:

  • Will we need to add a new model or change any existing model?
  • What would the migration plan look like? Will it be backwards-compatible?
  • Which alternatives did you consider?


To start contributing to Amundsen, you need to set up your machine to develop with the project. For that, we have prepared a developer guide that will guide you to set up your environment to develop locally with Amundsen.

Next Steps

Once you have your environment set and ready to go, you can check our documentation and the project’s community roadmap to see what’s coming.