Open source data discovery and metadata engine

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Analysts and Data Scientists

  • Discover & trust data for your analysis and models
  • Be more productive by breaking silos
  • Get immediate context into the data and see how others are using it

Data Engineers & Software Engineers

  • Share context automatically, reduce interruptions
  • Trust you're using the right data in pipelines
  • Faster debugging — all table-related info in one place
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How does it work?

Discover trusted data

Search for data within your organization by a simple text search. A PageRank-inspired search algorithm recommends results based on names, descriptions, tags, and querying/viewing activity on the table/dashboard.

See automated and curated metadata

Build trust in data using automated and curated metadata — descriptions of tables and columns, other frequent users, when the table was last updated, statistics, a preview of the data if permitted, etc. Easy triage by linking the ETL job and code that generated the data.

Share context with co-workers

Update tables and columns with descriptions, reduce unnecessary back and forth about which table to use and what a column contains.

Learn from others

See what data fellow co-workers frequently use, own or have bookmarked. Learn what most common queries for a table look like by seeing dashboards built on a given table.

Getting Started

Open Source

Apache License, Version 2.0

Automated Metadata

Less manual documentation

Intuitive & Pluggable

Easy to use and to integrate

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Runs on Docker, EC2, and Kubernetes

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